Hashing out the Almighty Hashtag #Infographic on Social-Graphics

Hashing Out the Almighty #Hashtag [Infographic]

Richard Stinson Hashtags, Social Media Infographic

Using a hashtag in a social media post is as easy as adding the ‘#’ sign before a single word or phrase without spaces or punctuation. Though it’s easy to create a hashtag, it’s not quite as simple to do it in the correct or relevant way. A few simple reminders when using hashtags: Don’t string too many words together …

See the Mother's Day Quote at Dakota Visions Media

Happy Mother’s Day!

Richard Stinson Quote of the Day

My mother, who came from these same prairies and hills as I live in now, saw some sort of ability, or maybe it was a passion for the arts she saw. She dragged me to piano lessons, vocal lessons, and private art lessons. (Yes, ART lessons!) But for that, I am grateful because you see, I am red/green colorblind. Those …

2015 Best Wordpress SEO, CRO, and Social Media Plugins Infographic

Best 2015 WordPress Plugins for SEO, Social And CRO Infographic

Richard Stinson CRO Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO, Social Media Infographic, Wordpress

WordPress fuels over 74 million websites including some of the world’s most popular news sites to small entrepreneurial blogs on almost every topic. Heck, even our blog is built upon the WordPress open-source CMS. The great thing about WordPress is how easy it is to customize with easy to install plugins that make changes to your theme/design or add additional …

How to Avoid a Google Penalty Infographic

How to Avoid a Google Penalty [Infographic]

Richard Stinson Google, SEO, Social Media Infographic

In trying too hard to rank better in SEO on your website, you can either get an algorithmic or manual penalty from Google far too easy. If you are spending too much time looking at old or irrelevant articles about how to increase your SEO, you may be penalizing yourself with today’s rules. To learn more about the best current …