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Happy Mother’s Day!

Richard Stinson Quote of the Day

My mother, who came from these same prairies and hills as I live in now, saw some sort of ability, or maybe it was a passion for the arts she saw. She dragged me to piano lessons, vocal lessons, and private art lessons. (Yes, ART lessons!) But for that, I am grateful because you see, I am red/green colorblind. Those art lessons helped me identify the shades of colors that I was missing. Helped me pinpoint color where there is no color for me. When people hear that I am partially colorblind, they continue to be amazed at the pictures that come out of the camera and the designs created.

The ability to overcome, to adapt to our surroundings, to survive when others think we shouldn’t – this is my mother’s legacy to me.

Thank you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day…

Dakota Visions Media Quote of the Day: Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a Mother.