Hashing out the Almighty Hashtag #Infographic on Social-Graphics

Hashing Out the Almighty #Hashtag [Infographic]

Richard Stinson Hashtags, Social Media Infographic

Using a hashtag in a social media post is as easy as adding the ‘#’ sign before a single word or phrase without spaces or punctuation. Though it’s easy to create a hashtag, it’s not quite as simple to do it in the correct or relevant way. A few simple reminders when using hashtags:

  • Don’t string too many words together with a single hashtag. #CanWeSayThatThisIsImpossibleToGetCorrectNextTime
  • Don’t #spam #with #too #many #hashtags. Don’t #overtag.
  • Use only hashtags that are relevant to the topic.
  • Always – and we mean ALWAYS – monitor your hashtags to save on an embarrassing mistake or in case your hashtag gets hijacked.

Taking the time to research the best hashtag infographics out there, we came across this infographic from SurePayroll that outlines pretty much everything you’d want to know about hashtags. Let’s take a closer look at the infographic and keep on hashtagging!

Infographic Source: SurePayroll