How to Avoid a Google Penalty Infographic

How to Avoid a Google Penalty [Infographic]

Richard Stinson Google, SEO, Social Media Infographic

In trying too hard to rank better in SEO on your website, you can either get an algorithmic or manual penalty from Google far too easy. If you are spending too much time looking at old or irrelevant articles about how to increase your SEO, you may be penalizing yourself with today’s rules. To learn more about the best current strategy, here is an informative infographic from Quicksprout on what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to website SEO:

How to Avoid a Google Penalty
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

To summarize, if you want to avoid a penalty, you should avoid a few things:
 –  Duplicate or thin content – make sure your content is adding value to your readers.
 –  Rich anchor text – when building links, make sure your anchor text isn’t keyword rich. Ideally, you should focus on creating valuable content instead of building links manually. Valuable content will generate natural links on its own.
 –  Focus on relevance – when building links, make sure you get them from relevant sites.
 –  Use the “nofollow” tag for paid links – if you are guest-posting or buying links, consider using the “nofollow” tag for those links.