Instant Digital Gratification: 15 Stats You Need To Know

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The phrase content is king has long been the established wisdom for marketers. At the same time, by pursuing a content led marketing strategy, the competition for consumer attention has massively escalated. And for time-poor consumers, the result is often a noisy content barrage that detracts from the original intent – to engage them with positive, inspirational experiences – whether that’s in an e-commerce scenario or a brand awareness campaign.

According to web attention and monetization firm, Chartbeat, 55% of web page views get less than 15 seconds of attention.

For brands, this means there are only tiny windows of opportunity to grab attention: They have moments. And they have to make each moment matter by delivering ‘instant digital gratification’ – the best possible customer experience, instantly. Content is no longer the king, now it’s moments that matter!

Here’s 15 recently published statistics that explore marketing through the lens of instant digital gratification. It’s the infographic, 15 Stats That Show Why Time Is The New Currency for CMOs from Zmags.

Instant Digital Gratification 15 Stats That Show Why Time Is The New Currency for CMOs #infographic

Source: Digital Information World