Mobile Social Ads are Driving Clicks and Big Results #infographic

Mobile Social Ads Are Driving Clicks And Big Results

Richard Stinson Paid Search Advertising, Social Media Infographic

When looking for the latest in paid search and social ads, Kenshoo, the marketing software company, has you covered. They evaluated 550 billion impressions, 9.5 billion clicks and $5.5 billion in spend from Q2 2015 to discover several interesting trends (detailed below in the infographic).

Perhaps the most interesting discovery in this research is that (within the mobile sector) social advertisements are leaving search advertisements behind in a cloud of dust. Advertisers aren’t just spending more on social ads, but they are getting a big bang for their buck.

“Mobile has been the key driver of growth in both search and social, with 36% of revenue from advertiser sales now coming from mobile phones, up from 16% last year,” says Kenshoo from their research.

Check out all the Kenshoo data yourself below. So what are the key takeaways?  The data strongly suggests that social platforms are becoming much better at targeting ads, thereby making advertisers’ dollars focused where there is bang for the buck and stretch further. Secondly, the data suggests marketers are becoming increasingly articulate in creating ads that match the specific needs of the audience. This ends up being good for the platform, advertiser, and even the ad-viewer. But in the end, the message is… Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

Mobile Social Ads are Driving Clicks AND Big Results #infographic

Infographic courtesy of: Kenshoo